Welcome to the New Tavern Save Point

Welcome to the New Tavern Save Point

Hello there!

You may have noticed we've redecorated. Well, we have, so there. No, but seriously. We decided to go with a new platform for the blogging program. Previously we were using Word Press but that wasn't really working for us and what we wanted to do in the long run for the community. Unfortunately pulling the data from the previous site was a tiny hassle that we honestly just didn't feel like going through so, we're basically starting from scratch. We'll have a new schedule, a new Weekly Update, and a whole new layout.

We've started to work out the kinks in our process of doing a lot of things and have a new found passion for running the site, as well as our streaming and youtube platform. We've been dabbling with both Mixer and Twitch, and even though Twitch is a giant monster with tons of channels, we figured it's still the better option to grow for us.

We're always looking for more people to join our community so if you're interested, just press the Discord button at the top and we'll see you in chat!

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