Weekly update 12-4-2017

Weekly update 12-4-2017

The Weekly

December 4th - December 10th 2017

Happenings in the Tavern

The group has been playing a lot of Planet Side 2 lately. We could use a lot more people to play with us. It's one of those games where the more people we have the better it is. The Site is back up as you can see. Lex has also been playing a lot of Star Citizen since he got into the Test server in prep for the 3.0 release. Cap. Blacklung has also been playing Assassins Creed: Origins as well. He's about 80 hours in so, if you want to know how the game is, just ask him!

Streams/Youtube Videos

Other than the Poscast, no new videos have gone up, though plans are in works for some going up possibly this week.

New Game/Movie/Animes coming out

  • Steep: Winter Olympics - Xbox One | Friday

  • Space Hulk: Death Wing - Xbox One/PS4 | Friday

  • Kirby Battle Royal - 3DS | Friday

  • Hollow In The Land

  • November Criminals

  • The Disaster Artist

  • The Shape Of Water

Wrap up

The point of the weekly is to give you a glimps into what will be going on more or less around the world of geekdom. If there are any topics you want us to cover then just let us know in the comments below!

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