The Teen Titans GO Movie Trailer Actually Looks Funny

The Teen Titans GO Movie Trailer Actually Looks Funny

Like most of my friends my age, I was distraught when Teen Titans were canceled without a genuine resolution to the plot that the show had. I was even more upset when I found it was being replaced by Teen Titans GO. It's one of those shows that I watch when there's nothing else to watch or when my son doesn't want me to change the channel. For context, he's 4. I tried to have him watch an episode of the OG Titans and it clicked as to why the show got replaced. He had no interest in what was going on. Don't get me wrong, I'll take OG Titans Any day of the week.

So when I heard that GO was getting a movie, I rolled my eyes and moved on with my life. I saw the trailer this morning and laughed out loud. From what I've seen from the show, the characters are very self-aware of the fact that they're a cartoon and that they used to be awesome. There's even an episode where one of their villains traps them in a T.V. and shows them clips from the old show and asks whats become of them. The movie seems to fully embrace that and may be an attempt to have these versions of the Titans prove they're real heroes.

In the trailer, there's a lot going on if you pay attention. First off, Nicholas Cage as Superman. How can they get that so wrong and so right at the same time? Its perfect because of the history he has with Superman. Cage Loves Superman. His son is named Kal-El and he almost made a movie starring as Superman that was being directed by Tim Burton. However, we can all agree that he sorta doesn't fit the part very well, and that is made perfectly clear with his voice work. Green Lantern mentioning Ryan Renold's go as the character was very funny as well.

It seems the writers pulled all the stops to make it silly and active for little kids, but have a lot of adult jokes that go way over their heads to make it palpable for adults to sit through which to me is a great way to go for little kids cartoons. Parents have to sit through these movies to make their kids happy for a few hours so, why not get some enjoyment out of it as well?

My kid loves the show so, I may actually take him to see this. I'll let you guys know if it's any good. Most of you will probably at the very least wait for it to hit T.V. but hey, you never know right? If you want to check out the trailer, you can see it below.