Sony Announces PlayStation Classic

Sony Announces PlayStation Classic

Well this caught me off guard today. Amidst all the chaos of the Nintendo Online launch, Sony pulls out the rug from out feet and announces a PlayStation Classic just in time for the holiday season to make our holiday lists that much harder to decide on. Here's everything we know about the console so far.

  • Price point is $99.99

  • Release date will be December 3rd, 2018

  • It will come installed with 20 games. The 5 they have announced so far are

    • Final Fantasy VII
    • Ridge Racer 4
    • Tekken 3
    • Wild Arms
    • Jumping Flash
  • Will come with two PS1 controllers

So yeah, going to be a crazy holiday season for gaming this year. There's so much on my wish list at this point that I'm going to need to amas a small fortune to afford all this. What do you think the other 15 games will be? Let us know in the comments here.