Is it time to move games from Hard Drives to Solid State?

Is it time to move games from Hard Drives to Solid State?

Data technology has come a long way in regards to gaming. We started on floppy disks and cartridges, then moved on to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray. Now we have a mix of Blu-Ray, Hard Drives and cartridges but the question is, which one is the best? I ask this because I recently started playing Star Citizen again due to a big updated that came out. For context, I had this installed on my 3TB 7200 RPM HDD and it ran, not that great. My computer isn't super high end, but enough so that it can run games like the Witcher 3 and Elite Dangerous at Max settings with little effort. The YouTuber Bored Gamer always talks about how he gets great frames due to the fact that he has the game installed on a high-end Solid State Hard drive which, if you're not entirely sure what that means then I'll quickly explain the difference.

A traditional hard drive (HDD) is basically a very dense and lightweight CD with a laser reader that stores, writes and reads information by spinning at extremely high speeds. A solid-state drive (SSD) is simply put a giant memory card. It uses cells to do the same jobs at a fraction of the time. The pros and cons between the two are extensive but the important differences are that HDDs are cheaper, SSDs are better. I have both an SSD and HDD on my computer. I didn't have enough room on my SSD to put the game on their so I ran it off my HDD along with all my other games. But this new update still ran pretty crappy so I decided to make some room on the SSD and put the game on theirs. The difference was night and day. I told a buddy of mine about it and he retorted with "Oh that's just bad optimization on the developer of the game." Is it though? After reading up more on some of the technical stuff Star Citizen's developers have gone over in the past, they're pushing for this game to primarily run on SSDs moving forward.


Looking at the massive scale and complexity of the game and seeing the staggering difference in performance between running it on the two different drives, maybe they're right. Games, in general, are getting bigger and bigger. Hell even on consoles, a lot of games require that you install portions of the game onto your hard drive because they're so complex. This goes back to what I said earlier about us moving from CDs to Blu-Rays. The tech got better and so it was utilized. SSDs are cheaper than they used to be and have a lot of their old quirks ironed out. Maybe its time to retire the HDD all together, or at least, use them for utility storage such as files and photos. Hell, even the Nintendo Switch went back to cartridges and the games always run smooth as silk.

Do you think its time games are made to optimize better on SSDs, or do you agree that those that do are lazy and unoptimized? Let us know in our comment section.