PixARK Early Access Review

PixARK Early Access Review

Platform: Steam/PC

Availability: Purchase

Should you get it?: If survival games are your thing, then it's worth a go.

PixARK is a weird game when you take a step back and look at it for what it is. It's a literal remake/mashup of ARK: Survival Evolved and Minecraft/Portal Knights. The weird thing is, it's actually better than the game its based on. If you've played ARK before then, you know some of the problems the game has, namely its performance (or in a lot of people's cases, lack thereof). The game has always run, not great unless you have a really high-end PC. Even then, you'll notice your rig struggling harder than it's used to. ARK is a gorgeous game, but that realism comes at a price. PixARK takes the photo-realism out of the equation and because of that, runs smooth as silk.


The game is cute. Its got that Portal Knights vibe going for it in terms of everything being wide-eyed and blocked together to look adorable. The core gameplay of ARK is all there, down to the way you level up and learn new recipes. Gone however is the way you assemble buildings and in comes Minecraft in that regard. You can also now tunnel into the Earth or into a mountainside ala Minecraft so the environment is your sandbox. This makes for a much great control of freedom as far as buildings go. There also seems to be a lot more items. As if they incorporated some of the more popular mods into the game right off the bat.


Now for some of the bad. The game still needs a lot of work in terms of balance and a few other things. Some of the recipes seem too hard or too easy to make. The taming process is slightly different from OG ARK for better or for worse and the game could use more of a tutorial than it already has (an issue ARK continues to have). However, the biggest issue so far is the online play. Offline play the game runs at 60 FPS flat with no issues. Online however its a crap shoot. Mostly due to their only being dedicated servers run by the devs. This is however not a huge deal because the game is still in very early access. Regardless of that, its still chalk full of stuff to do and almost as good if not better than its prettier older sister.


I'm having tons of fun with it, so I'll be keeping a close eye on it and will do my best to update you guys when big patches come through. You can also expect a let's play in the coming weeks as well on our YouTube channel. Once they add the ability to run private servers, we'll get one up and running if we have enough people interested in it. Let us know in the comments below if you're thinking of picking the game up!

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