Our First REAL Look at My Hero Academia One's Justice

Our First REAL Look at My Hero Academia One's Justice

A few month's back, we got our first teaser trailer of the My Hero Academia game coming out sometime in 2018. Almost no details about the game were given other than it will be some form of Action/Adventure game. The Teaser Trailer shown below shows that the game will be cell shaded but not much else can really be pulled from it as it's clearly a cinematic.Bandai has also confirmed that the game is currently being localized for the US. The game is slated to come out for the Play Station 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

However, we now have a full two and a half minute fight between Midoriya and Bakugo that shows that this may be a little more than just an Action/Adventure game(shown below). This clearly looks a lot like Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse in terms of the fighting and movement. Personally, I hope that the only thing this shares in common with Xenoverse is the fighting. I hope that we can walk around the world of My Hero and get into all kinds of missions and what not and that it's centered around Midoria with different events allowing you to take control of the different Heros and Villians. Here's hoping that All Might is as OP in the game as he is in the show.

We'll be covering this game as closely as we can as the details roll out. We have quite a few huge fans here in the Tavern so you'll have plenty of people to discuss what you think/hope will be in the game in the comments below.

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