Monster Hunter: World PC Review

Monster Hunter: World PC Review

Platform: Steam/PC - PS4, Xbox One

Release Date: January 26th)XB1, PS4), August 10th(PC) 2018

Should you get it? Yes. Because chances are, most of your friends already have it and love every minute of it.

It's not often that a big Japanse game bleeds over to the United States. When it does, it ends up being a big deal. Monster Hunter is no different. It's hard to say what hasn't already been said by other outlets in terms of its accessibility and its great challenging gameplay. I just want to give my take on the game and why I'm so obsessed with it.


Right off the bat, I will point out that this game heavily reminds me of Phantasy Star Online. Easily in the top 3 of my favorite video games of all time. The way you have to time weapon hits, the boss fights, the weapons. The big difference, of course, is the setting. PSO being sci-fi and MHW being fantasy, I guess? It's really hard to point out when in a potential history this game takes place. Its kind of got the vibe of the movie Water World, sans the water and bad acting. Nothing about this game is easy. Yet, it's not debilitatingly difficult like Dark Souls.


This game also does something that not a lot of games pull off very well. Make the grind fun. Every real encounter is a boss fight that can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on how far along you are and if you're with friends. The multiplayer is the games greatest achievement, and currently its greatest weakness. The game (as all multiplayer PC games are these days) is plagued with connection/network issues. It also doesn't let friends tag along for story missions without jumping through some annoying, yet barely manageable hoops. In fact, the only reason I'm not playing it right now is that a hunt a friend and I tried to do saw us both disconnected in a weird way mid-fight. This, of course, will eventually be fixed, and I will easily put in a thousand hours into this game.


However, back to the grind. It never feels boring, or repetitive. There are so many monsters to fight that you never really have to fight the same monster more than a few times. Sometimes you'll need to go back to an old adversary to get a part you haven't stocked in a while for a shiny new armor set. Yet by that point, you're so much stronger than the last time you squared off that you take them down in 3 minutes, and that doesn't feel boring, it feels invigorating. Taking down a monster that usually took you plus or minus 30 minutes in under 10 is such a fun ego boost that you come back for more with a different monster you used to have issues with, just to prove you're better than they are.

I think one of the things that impress me the most about this game is the weapons. Every weapon controls and combos so differently from the last that, they may as well be their own game altogether. The dual blades make you feel like you're playing God of War, the Sword and shield feel like Legend of Zelda, and the heavy bow gun is like an SMG from Battle Field. That's just 3 weapons of 14 that all have various roles and uses. The charge blade is my main weapon which I use against everything, but more specifically heavier, slower monsters because its a sword and shield that combine into a giant fuck you great ax. My bow I use against anything that flies, and my insect glave which turns you into Darth Maul I use against anything tall and quick.

All in all, If you're looking for something that's challenging and that you can pour an insane amount of hours into, pick this up. I'll be more than happy to play with you, once the servers start working correctly.