High Quality Nintendo Switch Skins that don't damage the console

High Quality Nintendo Switch Skins that don't damage the console

The Nintendo Switch, even well after a year into its release into the world continues to sell like hot cakes. It's no surprise then that people want to customize them and make their Switches more personalized. The problem with that is the Switch has a unique surface material that apparently does not play well with adhesives. As soon as it launched, skins of all colors and patterns came out of the wood work and people were buying them left and right. Those people quickly learned the problem.


The skins would start to peel off on their own. Had that been the only problem, it would have been an annoying waste of money at worst, but it wasn't. The glue used would leave a weird residue that reacted with the surface of the console and joy cons that was near impossible to get off, leaving the plastic sticky and bumpy. So shortly after, it becomes very commonly known that you should not buy a skin for your Switch. The only way to customize the look was to either get a sleeve, a case or to buy a custom painted shell and replace it all together. The third option was the best by far, but came with the drawback of expense and difficulty to implement, while the first two are cheaper options, but leave the console bulky which some people don't mind and others can't stand. However, we finally have a solution. A company named dbrand took it upon themselves to fix this problem and finally let us apply skins to our switches without worry.

They have been making cases for Phones and tablets for a while now so they're a pretty established brand already. They have a partnership with 3M, a company known worldwide for its various adhesive solutions. They found (through a lot of trial and error I'm sure) an adhesive that will stick firmly to the switch and not ruin the surface should you chose to remove it. They come in a variety of colors and are customizable so you can color the joy cons separately, the face of the console itself and the dock. For now, they have some basic colors, but they add a nice bit of flair to your Switch, as well as some protection from scratching. You can check them out Here at this link. I'll be picking up a set pretty soon myself. Best of all, they're pretty inexpensive for the quality.