Dragon Ball Super: Lex's Impressions So Far

Dragon Ball Super: Lex's Impressions So Far

So just to kick things off and let you know where I'm at so far in the show, I just finished the after party the group had after the Universe 6 and 7 tournament. With that out of the way, I want to talk about what I think of the show so far and why I think you should be patient and watch it dubbed than watching it subbed. First off I need to point out that I cannot stand watching anime with subtitles. It's not because I don't like the Japanese language or anything like that but, more because my brain has a hard time remembering and absorbing details when I'm trying to read something with noise in the background (I didn't listen to music while studying as an example of this).

So, what I think of the show so far. Well, I love it. It's brought back that excitement I used to have as a kid coming home from school to watch DBZ on Toonami. I love the updated art style (though yes, some of the earlier episodes looked like they had a lower budget than usual). A lot of people told me to skip the first two "arcs" since I had already seen the movies Battle of Gods and Ressurection F. I completely disagree with that. Watch the whole thing. The movies are superior in visuals and writing but they lack something show provides; depth and runtime. The show drags some of the fights out in a good way. A good example of this is in resurrection F when the other Z fighters are fighting Frieza's men and it's nice to get an almost entire episode's worth of them kicking ass again.


Dragon Ball has always been accused of having a scaling problem. They always have to find some ridiculous way to raise the stakes. Honestly, that's been the show since day one so, if you have a problem with over the top power and fights, why are you still here? So I really dismiss that as being an issue altogether. The new rivals from universe six (and the whole multiverse plot) bring a very fresh plot device to the table. Goku is no longer the strongest around and he's loving it.

Now, my gripe with sub. A buddy of mine is caught up with the sub version which is almost a full 100 episodes ahead of me. He says that he's not a fan of Goku in this show because he's a huge asshole. Doesn't feel like a hero anymore. I don't get that impression at all. So I watched a few episodes of the tournament again in both formats and realized the script is different in both. Not vastly, but subtle things and ways he says things and their context is enough to make the Japanse Goku seem heartless and only focused on training while American Goku is goofy, focused on training but to make sure he can protect Earth. I can't wait to keep watching the show and see in detail all the stuff I've slightly gotten spoiled on. All in all, be patient with me and watch it dubbed. Besides, that voice for Japanse Goku is just awful.

What do you think of the show so far, either dubbed or subbed? Let us know in the comments below!

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