Avengers: Infinity War Review

Avengers: Infinity War Review

Before we begin, MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING!!! If you haven't seen the movie yet turn away right now! Here's the last trailer for the movie (and to add some space so you don't accidentally read something you shouldn't

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WHAT THE HELL?! That ending was insane! Its been almost a week and I'm still shaken by what happened. I've got so many conflicted feelings about what happened. We lost so many heroes. Yet Somehow, I don't hate Thanos as much as I feel I should. Like, I still hate Joffrey from Game of Thrones monumentally more than Thanos. All Joffrey did was be a little shit while Thanos literally killed half the universe's population. THE UNIVERSE. Let's backtrack a little first because there's a lot to cover.

The movie handled a large number of main characters surprisingly well.Losing Loki and Heimdall going in the first few minutes set the tone perfectly for the insanity that was to come. Tony and Steven(Strange) on screen together was absolutely perfect. I was afraid it wouldn't work as well as I'd hoped and I've never been so glad to be wrong. I almost screamed with joy during the Sherlock line. A great scene, in my opinion, is Thanos beating the crap out of Hulk. I spoke to some people who were upset that Hulk didn't show for the rest of the movie and I was like "Were you not paying attention? Hulk was scared." That right there should spell out how dangerous Thanos is.

The only thing about the movie that was meh to me was the Black Order. Thano's "Ginyu Force" was very lackluster to me. The fights they were in were phenomenal but the characters themselves were a bit too one dimensional to me. Speaking of, Black Widow pulling out all the stops and whopping some ass am I, right? Star-Lord and Tony was hilarious. I can go on and on about all the interactions but I'll get into the heavy stuff. Oh and the other thing that bothered me; not enough Black Panther (Wakkanda Forever).

The first main character to go was Gamora and holy crap, that made me cry for various reasons. One, WE LOST Gamora. She's the perfect counter to Peter Quill. Her fighting with Thanos the whole time and him just putting up with it gave him an incredible amount of depth. She was acting like an angry toddler and he a patient parent. If the rules for the soul stone were absolute then he genuinely did love her and made her sacrifice all the more heartbreaking. Speaking of her death. Goddamnit Star-Lord. He killed your girlfriend. I get that but you literally are responsible for what happens to you and everyone else after your little tantrum. Personally, I feel Rocket is rubbing off on all the guardians. That last battle was amazing. Thor, Groot, and Rocket showing up and leveling the field were so epic. But then, the last series of events had me literally on the edge of my seat. I thought for sure Cap was going to die. No, it was Vision, at Wanda's hand. When she shattered the stone, I took a sigh of relief, that is until Thanos reminded everyone that he has the time stone and undid everything. Once we put the stone in, the despair set it until Thor with the killing shot! I cheered and felt relief again until Thanos spoke. "You should have aimed for the head, boy" Snap

I've literally never been breathless and had my hand over my wide open mouth for so long in my entire life. One by one we lost all the heroes except for the core OG Avengers group. Strange is gone, Spidey, everyone from the guardians, save for Rocket, Wanda, and Falcon. Spidey was the hardest to watch. The fear he had in his eyes and the tears. I'm not going to lie, people, I lost it. My wife and I cried from that moment on until Thanos sat in his chair and the credits rolled. I know a lot of this will get undone in the next movie but it doesn't detract from how it all went down. If we had no knowledge that there was going to be a 4th Avengers, that half these characters were getting sequels, we'd be in the dark. Can you imagine? I did for a moment and it was terrifying. 10 years we've come to know and love these characters and this universe. Seeing what happened and thinking of the impending aftermath is just, its hard to take in.

Basically, the movie is amazing. If you haven't seen the movie and still read through all of this then I'm sorry. You should still go see it. Reading it is one thing, witnessing it. Well, just go see for yourself.