A Friendly Discourse

A Friendly Discourse

Part and Parcel of the new Tavern Save Point site is our reborn Discourse site for community discussions. If you're not hip to hanging out with us in Chat or Voice on Discord but still want to participate and make your voice heard in the community, Discourse is a great place to come and comment on the things we're talking about and doing.

We've got some basic categories set up already, and people who join early on receive a special bonus of being immediately bumped up past the new member status into a regular contributor! Obviously there's a fair number of things we'll be discussing once things get really rolling along but right now you can help shape the things you want to see as categories as well as make suggestions about badges and other improvements.

Discourse is also going to be our official comment section for the Tavern Save Point site. If you're interested in leaving us feedback on anything you see here, head on over to the Discourse via the Comment link below.

As always, thanks for joining us!

- OldSpiceland

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